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Poppy's Pride Goat Milk Products

From lotion to dog treats, check out where to buy our amazing goat milk products.

Hoof Trimming Services

Owning goats is a work of joy. We know that sometimes it takes an extra set of hands to get all the jobs done. 



1-9 head - $7.00 each

10+ head - $5.00 each

Travel under 15 miles included

Travel over 15 miles - $0.58/mile each way

Hoof Care

Available Regionally

If you are looking for hoof trimming or hoof rot care, you've come to the right place!

We will work with you to get your goats hooves to a manageable state and then get on a regular schedule for care.

A healthy hoof is the foundation needed to keep your goats happy and healthy for years to come. Email Leeann at

or text 908-208-8550 to get more information

about our services.

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